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Meet Anna & Christina

Anna and sister Christina met Simply Westview at a senior resource presentation. They were looking for a solution to help with the sale of their parents’ long-time home of 60 years. The sisters did not want their aging parents to go through the stressful and emotional process of selling their home the traditional way.

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Our experience with the SHPP team was great. They were totally professional and very concerned with meeting our home sale needs. The SHPP crew took care of all the messy details.


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Rob Perkins was professional, personable, and assisted my husband and me in purchasing his mother’s home. He provided invaluable support and guidance to my husband who was struggling with a mother diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. We highly recommend him as he truly does care about his clients.

– Michele

Our house was purchased as-is for a fair price, which eliminates not knowing what the net proceeds will be. The Senior Home Purchase Program® team is very easy to work with and I would do it again under similar circumstances.


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The purchase by SHPP of our home could not have gone smoother. Rob Perkins was cordial, professional, honest and accommodating. The experience and cooperation all throughout the escrow process could not have been better. I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to avoid the many problems of traditional home sales processes. Avoid open houses, inspections, broker/agent hassles and unrealistic promises with SHPP.

– Mike

We met with the owner of the company and she gave us a complete overview of the program. We did not have to fix anything as the home was sold as is. Everything happened exactly as promised and we were extremely pleased with the process.

-Jan & Sandra

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Their honesty, transparency and diligence made me feel completely comfortable with them. They made the process exceptionally easy and stress free. I can’t say enough good things about them.


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When we decided to move to an Independent Living Complex, one of our goals was to make the sale of our home as easy as possible… We closed the sale on time with no problems or glitches. We highly recommend SHPP to anyone wishing a truly extraordinary and hassle free home sale.

-Bill & Maggie

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They were completely transparent with everything and we trusted them 100%. We also appreciated their friendliness and concern for our comfort. We would recommend them to anyone.

-Carl & Barbara

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All I had to do was share with Westview SHPP the challenges of the time and they were very respectful in viewing my home, conversing with me, and making an offer on it. The last thing they wanted to do was add to my stress.


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SHPP provided a solution for us that eliminated any stress associated with selling our home. They offered us a more than fair price without us having to do anything to the home beforehand.

– Bob & Mary

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I can’t say enough good things about the Senior Home Buying Program. Rob Perkins and his team were so helpful and Professional throughout the whole process. The Westview team made the sale of my home so easy and hassle free and it was completed on the exact date as promised. Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism.

– Michael

After experiencing all the emotions that accompany losing our father and managing our mother’s health issues, my sisters and I were faced with the overwhelming tasks of moving our mother into a community, paying for the costs of her care and dealing with the home that she lived in for nearly 40 years. It was a blessing to be offered a program that saved us countless hours of our time and provided us with the necessary funds that will ultimately afford our mother the high-quality treatment she deserves.

– Connie & Carol

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We had a positive interaction with Rob. He is professional, straight forward, and not trying to insult or take advantage. The whole deal went smoothly and quickly, with no surprises. It was a good deal for both parties. Both parties were happy and that’s really all you can ask for. Thank you.

– Larry

Right from the beginning I felt comfortable with them. I called one day and they were there the next day with the estimate. I liked that I didn’t have to go anywhere, they did everything and brought it to me.

– Bobbie

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My experience with everyone involved could not have been better. I’m am NOT a senior, rather someone who was extremely overwhelmed with the traditional home selling process. SHPP took care of absolutely everything for me! They had 4 inspectors/appraisers at my house at 8AM because they knew I left for work at 10. The process is fair and there is no pressure. I would recommend them to anyone that wanted to sell a home (and already have).

– Paris

Without SHPP and all that it offered in terms of services, we would probably still be plodding along trying to finish getting our house ready to sell, still having to work to pay for it all, and stressed out about the prospect of going through the processes of selling and moving on with our lives.

– Lillian & Gerry

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