Meet Beth

Client Name


About the Client

Married couple with children


Beth and Casey, after living in their home for many years, decided to downsize into a smaller home. Due to some physical limitations, they required a service that would buy their home in 'as-is' condition at a fair price. They also needed a flexible move-out date to coordinate with securing another home.

Years in Home


Home Location

Carlsbad, California

What issues did they face?

  • Physical limitations made it a challenge logistically to sell their home while concurrently searching for future living arrangements
  • Required a flexible move-out timeline to secure a rental unit in the same school district
  • Needed a competitive price to enable them to live comfortably going forward

What did SHPP Provide?

  • Beth and Casey were not required to leave the home for any reason during the escrow process
  • Disposed of any items they did not want to take with them
  • Provided more than sufficient funds for their future housing
  • Completely flexible with the leaseback date to accommodate their timeline

What do they say now?

"Our experience with the SHPP team was great. They were totally professional and very concerned with meeting our home sale needs. We were able to move our family to new housing before the start of the school year and leave our former house behind in "as-is" condition. The SHPP crew took care of all the messy details." -Beth