Meet Carl & Barbara

Client Name

Carl & Barbara

About the Client

Married couple


Carl and Barbara purchased their condominium 2 years prior and it was in near perfect condition. They had a deposit down on a unit under construction at a senior community but wanted to sell their home in advance.

Years in Home


Home Location

Rancho Santa Fe, California

What issues did they face?

  • Desired their privacy and did not want agents or potential buyers walking through their home
  • Willing to sell the home at a discount in order to guarantee a certain closing price and date
  • Needed to time their move date with the completion of their new home which had not yet been determined

What did SHPP Provide?

  • Carl and Barbara did not have any strangers or brokers walking through their home
  • Purchased home 28 days from first meeting
  • Provided a certain sale on a certain date
  • Leased back the home with a flexible timeline so they could move as soon as their new unit was ready

What do they say now?

"We are so grateful we heard about the Senior Home Purchase Program® when we did! We had placed a deposit down on a new patio home under construction at a senior community in San Diego but needed to sell our home beforehand. We dreaded this process for two main reasons: 1. We really needed to be in control of our move-out date because we were not certain about our new home’s completion date, and 2. We wanted to maintain our privacy and didn’t want unknown people constantly walking through our home. The Senior Home Purchase Program® solved both of these issues and more. They purchased our home for a very fair price and allowed us to lease it back from them for an open-ended amount of time. They were completely transparent with everything and we trusted them 100%. We also appreciated their friendliness and concern for our comfort. We would recommend them to anyone." -Carl and Barbara