Interview with SHPP Customers Anna and Christina

The SHPP team recently sat down with Anna and Christina, two sisters who helped their parents with the sale of their family home of 60 years. Prior to learning about SHPP, the women were realizing the lack of functionality and safety in their parents’ home. Their mother’s physical condition was worsening which affected not only her quality of life but also her husband’s. The current living situation was not sustainable and with SHPP’s help, Anna and Christina were able to give their parents the best care they deserve.

Below is a snippet of our conversation detailing their SHPP experience.

SHPP: How did the two of you come to the realization a program like Senior Home Purchase Program® would be the right fit versus selling the place on your own? How did you put yourself to be ready for SHPP?

Christina: My mother had taken a few falls over the years and as more time progressed, we realized she needed a specific diet. My father was preparing that the best he could. On top of that, he was maintaining the home and the yardwork. He became overwhelmed. It just became apparent that a decision needed to be made.

Anna: When it was obvious that our parents needed more help, I knew that we had to do something. My sister and I tried to figure out what we can do. So it was almost a miracle, really, to have that opportunity to hear the SHPP program and have a discussion. At that point, we knew this was what we were looking for these last few years.

Their family home of 60 years began to lack functionality and safety for the aging parents

SHPP: How did you approach your parents given their hesitations knowing this is best thing for them?

Christina: Well, I felt more of the emotions they were going through. So I started little conversations every time I saw them, like how easier it would be if my father didn’t have to prepare meals morning, noon, and at night. How easier it would be to move around the home if my mother didn’t have to go down steps. I thought that would lead into well, we can’t stay here, we need to move.

Anna: As my sister was prepping my parents on the idea of moving out of the house, I would agree with the idea by saying “See, if we go with the SHPP program, we don’t have to worry about the yard. You can enjoy the yard in the community.”


SHPP: When you realize they were into the idea, what did you do?

Anna: We said we would get a banana split to celebrate!


SHPP: When we spoke with you Christina, you knew it would take time and cost to get the house ready for sale. To do all of the things you and your family needed to do was a lot to handle.

Christina: Yes, everything needed to prepare the house for sale would be overwhelming for everyone. So, using the program would be the best option.


SHPP: It seem like the quality of life at that point for your mom was really important, for her mental and physical health?

Christina: I realize that the routine and mobility was important to assist her in feeling better and comfortable, and it wasn’t happening for her everyday.

Anna: The house was not ADA approved where it would make life easier for her. We knew we needed to get her in a safe place where the aisles are wide enough and there is someone to check on both my mother and father every few hours.


SHPP: Did you get to go back to see the house after the renovation? If so, what did you think of what the program did to the home?

Anna: I don’t think words can explain what the program had done for us and to see the house and to know that it was updated and it would be enjoyed by someone. Everything that was done, was beautiful, immaculate, and more than we can hope for. It was really amazing. I hope everyone can experience or have the opportunity to allow SHPP buy their house, update it, and let someone else enjoy it.

Christina: We were so impressed, we were ready to move back in!

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Thank you Anna and Christina for sharing your experience and allowing SHPP to come alongside you in every aspect of the transition. We are glad to hear that both your mom and dad are enjoying life so much more now!