Community Spotlight: Partner in Aging

What will I do when I can’t climb the stairs in my home?

Will I want to live in our big house when there is just me living here?

What will I do when shopping and planning meals becomes a burden?


Have you found yourself or know someone you love asking these type of questions? These are important questions that should not be ignored or discussed “at a later time”. While you may not have the answers to these questions, we would like to introduce a wonderful expert specializing in helping seniors age successfully.

Meet Jon Schwartz, Founder of Partner in Aging. He’s also the Co-Owner of Senior Move Masters, a relocation company SHPP recently acquired earlier this year. Like Rob and Corinne, Jon had a similar experience with his grandparent and he shares the same passion for helping seniors to age well and live stress-free.

Jon Schwartz

"My interest in the field of senior care began when my grandfather, at age 80, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My grandparents were fortunate to have the financial resources and family support needed to effectively manage the disease and anticipate my grandfather’s needs. During this time I began to consider how complex helping an aging family member, specifically with dementia, must be for people who don’t have available information, financial resources and support.

I have therefore dedicated myself to working in the field of aging. I received a master’s degree from USC in Aging Services Management and I have worked for over ten years in the field of senior management and in home support for the elderly."

Serving San Diego County, Partner in Aging is a full-service organization providing seniors with comprehensive aging options, including aging-in-place plans, retirement community proposals, and more.

Partner in Aging provides clients with a vast assortment of choices that work for them. Here are ways Partners in Aging can help you:

Age in Place

For those who prefer to live in a private residence of their choice, there still may be areas of need. Partner in Aging will work with you to determine the type of support you need so that you can maintain an independent lifestyle.


Partner with Home Modifications

The team at Partner in Aging values your health and safety as much as you do and has the experience to evaluate your home environment and offer home modification suggestions.

Companion for the Day

Partner in Aging has connected seniors with compassionate “companions” that have provided over 1,000 hours of support and advocacy. Reliable and flexible, they can assist you with a variety of needs, including transportation, scheduling/accompaniment to appointments, meal preparation, organizing, downsizing and many other non-caregiving services.


Refer to Caregivers

With a large network of professional care providers to choose from, Partner in Aging can provide a care management plan that meets your needs and connects you with the perfect in home care service.

"My mother desperately wanted to age-in-place. So two years ago we called Jon to try and find the right caregiver for my mother. I was amazed! Within two hours he had the most perfect person picked out. My mother got to enjoy her home for an extra two years because of this remarkable caregiver. However, mom's condition started to require more care at home than we could afford. Jon was well aware and held our hand through the process of finding the right retirement community for my mother. Jon even helped us tap into unknown VA benefits that we didn't know existed! We are so grateful for Jon's genuine concern and deep insight during this difficult time."
Marcia K.

Consider Jon and his team your partner and trusted resource for aging well. If you are interested in learning more about Partner in Aging, please contact Jon at 858-480-1453 or check out the Partner in Aging website.