Meet Christina & Anna

Client Name

Christina & Anna

About the Client

2 daughters, serving as caregivers of their parents, the homeowners


Christina and sister Anna met SHPP at a senior resource presentation. They were looking for a solution to help with the sale of their parents' long-time home of 60yrs. The sisters didn't want their parents to go through the stressful and emotional process of selling their home the traditional way.

Years in Home


Home Location

San Diego, California

What issues did they face?

  • Mom, Juanita has Parkinsons and needing more assistance at home.
  • House is older and not equipped to meet Juanita's changing physical needs.
  • Dad, Henry was very resistant to moving in a community, he wanted to age in place at home.
  • Improvements around the house to accommodate their parents' wish to age in place is costly and time consuming.

What did SHPP Provide?

  • Certainty. Peace of mind that the house will sell at a certain price on a certain date.
  • Flexibility, no time pressure. SHPP allowed the family time to find a senior living community that best fit their needs and customized the closing date to fit their timeline.
  • Stress-free. The family didn't have to worry about repairs, negotiations, or clearing out the house.

What do they say now?

"When I heard the presentation of the SHPP program, at that moment, I felt relief to say this is the answer. This is going to help my sister and I ensure my parents get to a good place and the proper community without the stress of a traditional sale." - Anna P.