Donna’s Environmental Wellness/Feng Shui Story

This blog post was written by Donna Hunnicutt, Simply Westview’s Market Manager in Orange County, who is also an Environmental Wellness/Feng Shui expert.

As an Environmental Wellness/Feng Shui Expert, I am often asked how I began my journey with this very profound and revealing subject matter…Well, it was really very “serendipitous”…

I struggled for years, with only moderate success, to create a calming, serene, clutter-free home of my own where I could truly Relax. Although comfortable and “cozy”, my living spaces never felt “quite right”.

I had too much stuff, but couldn’t let go of my possessions. I would waste precious time looking for that item I put “somewhere” but couldn’t find amongst my things, which led to feeling constantly frustrated that I wasn’t more organized. I felt guilty and embarrassed because I had accumulated stuff that I didn’t use, but I had trouble releasing things which I had spent money to obtain, or which had been gifted to me by well-meaning friends and family.

In addition, I felt a nagging sense of being energetically stuck in several areas of my life, but couldn’t pinpoint why, or how to fix it. I felt tired, not my “happy-self”, and unmotivated to get my house in order (literally and figuratively!)

Then, serendipitously, I re-discovered a Feng Shui book, hidden in my bookcase, and that was IT! My soul resonated with everything I read about this life-altering solution to my environmental “imbalance” and unhappiness.

As I learned and applied Feng Shui principles to my own home, I understood why this Ancient Art has stood the test of time… My home seemed to come alive, and relax into itself, and it invited me to relax as well. I felt calmer, more centered, more aligned with my goals and dreams. Positive shifts began to happen, and I literally felt uplifted and energized~I finally felt “in flow” with my life.

I have now been a Certified Feng Shui Expert for over 20 years, and I have helped hundreds of clients create balanced, healthy, and supportive spaces, crafting “Conscious Environments” which connect the mind, body, and spirit.

Donna Hunnicutt

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